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Frontansicht vom modernisierten Hotel Brasserie Chaussee, vor dem Gebäude stehen 3 Tische mit je 2 Stühlen und ein Werbe-Aufsteller.
Welcome to Hotel Chaussee!
Choose from our seven comfortable rooms.
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Welcome to Brasserie Chaussee!
Enjoy our breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes, and our dinner menu.
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Welcome to Hotel Brasserie Chaussee!

Our hotel is in a quiet yet central location in Seeheim-Jugenheim. To make you feel comfortable, the building was completely renovated in 2021. In our hotel, modernity and tradition meet with high-quality and loving furnishings, some of which are antique, and thus underline the family atmosphere in the Hotel Brasserie Chaussee.

We look forward to you!

New dinner menu

Enjoy our lovingly prepared delicacies in a cozy atmosphere.
Our brasserie offers you breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake, as well as daily dinner.

Open Mondays from 5.30pm and Tuesday to Sunday from 9am.
Reservation is recommended.

Your Chaussee team

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Room amenities

Our brasserie

From Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., enjoy our delicious cakes and tarts freshly baked every day with a cup of coffee in our cozy guest rooms or in our garden.
Let us pamper you with delicious, varied dishes for breakfast and lunch.
Or enjoy dinner with us every day from 5.30 p.m.
We look forward to welcoming you to our cozy and lovingly furnished brasserie.

All cakes & tarts are also available to take away.

Your way to us

Frontansicht vom modernisierten Hotel Brasserie Chaussee, vor dem Gebäude stehen 3 Tische mit je 2 Stühlen und ein Werbe-Aufsteller.

Contact & Journey

Contact & Journey

For inquiries or reservations, we are happy to assist you via phone, or email. Additionally, we offer convenient access to public transportation for your arrival. Free parking is available, and our Hotel Brasserie Chaussee is easily accessible via the A5 motorway. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Our address

Hotel Brasserie Chaussee

Tannenstraße 3
64342 Seeheim-Jugenheim
Hesse, Germany


Brasserie & Garden

The brasserie

In our brasserie you can have breakfast, lunch, relax in the afternoon with coffee and cake and enjoy our dinner menu.

The brasserie will pamper you with a wide range of culinary delights – from morning to night.

We look forward to you!

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Our cakes and tarts are also available for take away from Tue-Sun from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.!

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Brasserie garden

Explore our cozy Brasserie Garden with comfortable seating under a retractable roof. A babbling fountain and lush planters create a relaxed atmosphere, while blankets are available for cooler days. Enjoy the serene setting away from the hustle and bustle, nestled in this little oasis.

Guest voices





Claudia D.
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We went there for dinner last week, absolutely delicious. The ox cheeks were butter tender. Can highly recommend. Very friendly service. We'll be back 😉
Nina O.
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Delightful and very cozy brasserie. Clever ideas and friendly service, we love coming here from Hamburg.
Romantic atmosphere, Outdoor tables, Elegant ambiance, Best brunch
Claudia E.
was with us for breakfast
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Cute little café attached to a small hotel. It has a lot of charm due to the small unique pieces in the decoration. The staff was very nice and accommodating.
Food: 5/5, Service: 5/5, Atmosphere: 5/5
was with us for breakfast and coffee
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(...) The "Gourmet breakfastt" ( …) leaves no wish unfulfilled. The coffee is delicious and fresh from the portafilter machine. The selection of cakes is diverse, homemade and fresh every day! Whenever we're nearby, we're always happy to come. (...)
Cetin G.
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A place to enjoy for young and old and on the terrace you have the feeling of being on vacation with a glass of wine.
Highly recommended for relaxing.
Nadja S.
was with us for lunch
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Beautiful! Were there for lunch. Great outdoor terrace, vegan dishes, fine pastries. Plenty of space, quiet location and lovingly furnished. Service also great.
Rüdiger T.
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A café as you wish. A large selection of delicious cakes. Breakfast with a large selection very tasty, very nicely prepared and plenty. The coffee is delicious. And the facility is worth seeing. The service is friendly, attentive and flexible. We will definitely go there more often.
Benjamin B.
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We went there for breakfast and were very satisfied. We had the gourmet breakfast and it filled us up. The service was very friendly and helpful.
The premises are lovingly furnished and old is combined with modern! We will be back definitely!
Phil S.
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Vegan options available, cakes and plant milk. Atmosphere and staff are nice.
Ein Stück Torte und ein Kaffee

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

Experience the culinary diversity of Brasserie Chaussee! Our menu offers an enticing selection of traditional delights and refreshing beverages. From delicious appetizers to exquisite main courses, accompanied by fine wines and refreshing cocktails, we invite you to indulge your senses. Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with us!



Small Chaussee breakfast a/g/i

€ 10.50

1 roll, 1 croissant, butter, jam, honey, Nutella and orange juice 0.1 l

Large Chaussee breakfast a/c/g/i/1-9

€ 15.90

2 rolls, 1 slice of country bread, a selection of sausage cold cuts and cheese, butter, yoghurt, scrambled eggs or boiled egg and orange juice or sparkling wine 0.1 l

Fitness breakfast a/c/g/i/1-9

€ 15.90

2 wholemeal rolls, 1 slice of country bread, a selection of cheeses, fruit salad or muesli, butter, 2 eggs in a glass and orange juice 0.1 l

Fishery breakfast a/b/c/d/i/1-9

€ 16.90

2 rolls, 1 slice of country bread, butter, salmon, creamed horseradish, scrambled eggs and orange juice or sparkling wine 0.1 l

Aficionado breakfast for 2 persons a/b/c/d/e/1-9

€ 28.90

3 rolls, 2 croissants, butter, jam, sausage cold cuts, cheese, salmon, scrambled eggs or boiled egg and  2 glasses of sparkling wine or orange juice 0.1 l

Gourmet breakfast from 4 persons a/b/c/d/g/i/1-9

€ 19.90 per person

Rolls, bread, sausage cold cuts, cheese, jam, smoked salmon, fruit salad or muesli, scrambled eggs or boiled egg and orange juice or sparkling wine 0.1 l

Gourmet breads

Avocado bread a/b/c

€ 8.90

with scrambled eggs or fried egg

Smoked salmon bread a/b/c/d

€ 9.90

with scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with ham on bread a/b/c/i

€ 8.90

Tomato mozzarella bread a/b/g

€ 8.90

with green pesto

Hummus with vegetables on bread a/b/e/f/k

€ 7.90




Porridge variants a/e/k

€ 10.50 each


Farmer’s pan a/b/c/g/14

€ 10.90

Roast potatoes, scrambled eggs and blood sausage

Vegetable pan a/b/c/f

€ 10.90

Roast potatoes with vegetables and scrambled eggs

Toast Hawaii a/e/g

€ 9.90

“Strammer Max” a/b/c

€ 9.90

Brown bread with ham and fried egg

Tarte flambée a/b/c/g/14

€ 10.90 each

Tarte flambée with salmon a/b/c/d

€ 11.90

Tarts & Cakes

Piece of tart a/c/g

€ 4.20

Piece of cake a/c/g

€ 3.80

Two fresh Belgian waffles a/c/g

  • with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar or chocolate sauce

€ 6.30

  • with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

€ 8.50

One fresh Belgian waffle a/c/g

  • with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar or chocolate sauce

€ 4

  • with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

€ 6.20



Soup of the day

€ 6.50

Crab cocktail 70’s style

€ 11.50

with Toast

Vitello Tonnato

€ 13

tender veal slices with tuna cream and capers

Colourful side salad

€ 5

with house dressing


Main courses

Pork loin with pasta

€ 18

and champignon cream sauce

Chicken breast with vegetables

€ 19.50

and oriental rice and roasted nuts

Rump steak

€ 29

grilled on the lava stone

with vegetables or onions and roast potatoes

Braised ox cheeks in red wine sauce

€ 24

with potato mash

Braised lamb shank

€ 22

on a Mediterranean potato and vegetable ragout

Roasted salmon filet

€ 23

with lemon sauce and rice

Colourful Chaussee salad plate

€ 11

with ham, cheese, egg and house dressing

Colourful Chaussee salad plate with chicken breast strips

€ 15.50

with cheese, egg and house dressing

egetarian dishes

Vegetables with cream sauce

€ 16

and oriental rice and roasted nuts

Tagliatelle Gorgonzola

€ 13

egan dishes

Colourful Chaussee salad plate

€ 11

with chick peas and house dressing

Other vegan dishes on request

Kids menu

Chicken breast strips with french fries

€ 8.50

and Ketchup and Mayonnaise

Pasta with bolognese sauce

€ 8.50



You’ll find changing desserts in our cake counter


Warm drinks



Cup of coffee 12

€ 2.90

€ 3.90

Cup of decaf coffee

€ 3.10

€ 4.10

Cappuccino 9/12

€ 3.60

€ 4.30


Café au lait 9/12

€ 3.90

Café au lait decaffeinated, lactose-free or with oat milk 9/12

€ 4.20

Latte macchiato 9/12

€ 4.10

Chai Latte

€ 3.90

Espresso 12

€ 2.50

Double espresso 12

€ 3.90

Espresso macchiato 9/12

€ 3.10

Double espresso macchiato 9/12

€ 4.40

Hot chocolate 9

€ 3.50



Cup of tea

€ 2.90

€ 3.30

Earl Grey, Darjeeling, green tea, white tea, fruit tea, cream caramel, rooibos, rooibos vanilla or chamomile

Alcohol-free drinks

0.25 l

0.75 l

Table water

€ 2.90


Mineral water

€ 2.90

€ 5.70

carbonated or still

0,3 l

0,4 l

€ 3.50

€ 4.60

€ 3.50

€ 4.60


€ 3.50

€ 4.60

€ 3.50

€ 4.60

0.2 l

0.4 l


€ 3.20

€ 4.80

Apple, orange, currant, cherry or pineapple

Juice and carbonated mineral water

€ 3

€ 4.50

Apple, orange, currant, cherry or pineapple


€ 3.80 each

Apple wine

0.25 l

0.5 l

Apple wine 11

€ 2.50 €

€ 4.50

pure, with lemonade 10 or with carbonated mineral water

White wines l

0.2 l

0.75 l



€ 4.50

Brand wineyard estate



€ 4.80

Brand wineyard estate

Morio Muscat

suave wine

€ 4.60

Brand wineyard estate

Pinot blanc


€ 5.10

€ 19.50

Brand wineyard estate

Côtes du Rhône


€ 5.30

€ 17.50

Père Anatole

Red wines l

0.2 l

0.75 l



€ 5.40

€ 19.50

vibrant red, notes of blackberries and sour cherries

Brand wineyard estate

Cabernet Mitos


€ 6.70

€ 26

strong aromas of blackberries, blueberries and cassis

Côtes du Rhône


€ 5.30

€ 19.50

Père Anatole

Rosé wines l

0.2 l

0.75 l

Portugais vin gris

Brand wineyard estate

€ 5.10

€ 18.90

Dornfelder rosé


€ 5.80

€ 19.50

strong aromas of blackberries, blueberries and cassis

Brand wineyard estate


0.1 l



€ 4.30

Riesling sparkling wine

home brand

€ 4.60

Brand Pinot noir rosé

extra dry

€ 5.10

0.2 l

Aperol Spritz 1/11

€ 6.50

Aperol, Prosecco, carbonated mineral water, mint and ice

Rotkäppchen Mocca Piccolo


€ 5.90


€ 6.10

Elderberry syrup, sparkling wine, carbonated mineral water, mint and ice

Kir royal

€ 5.90

Sparkling wine and cassis

5 cl

Campari on ice 1

€ 5.20

Soda and orange

Martini 1

€ 5.50

Bianco or rosso


Faust Beer

0.3 l

0.5 l

Faust pilsner on tap pure or mixed with lemonade

€ 3.50

€ 4.70

Faust hefeweizen

€ 5.10

Faust hefeweizen dark

€ 5.10

Faust hefeweizen non-alcoholic

€ 5.10

0.33 l

Fun pilsner non-alcoholic

€ 3.30


2 cl


  • Williams pear brandy or apricot brandy

€ 4.20

  • Gold-Willi

€ 4.90


€ 4.20

Nonino or Roner

Bottega Limoncino

€ 2.80

Amaro Averna

€ 2.80


€ 2.80


€ 3.20


€ 2.90


€ 2.80

Hazelnut liqueur

€ 3.50

Long drinks

0.2 l

Bacardi Cola 1/10/11/12

€ 6.50

Jack Daniel’s Cola 1/10/11/12

€ 6.50



with colorant


with preservative


with antioxidant


with flavour enhancer








with phosphate


with milk protein


with sweetener


containing quinine




with acidifier


with nitrite curing salt


with cereals containing gluten


with crustaceans


with egg


with fish


with peanuts


with soybeans


with milk (including lactose)


with nuts












brazil nuts




macadamia nuts


Queensland nuts


with celery


with mustard


with sesame seeds


with sulfur dioxide and sulphites


with lupins


with molluscs

All prices include VAT and service.
If you have any questions about allergens, please reach out to our team.

Frontansicht vom modernisierten Hotel Brasserie Chaussee, vor dem Gebäude stehen 3 Tische mit je 2 Stühlen und ein Werbe-Aufsteller.

About us

About us

In 2021, Hotel Brasserie Chaussee was first opened under the leadership of owner Andreas Schneider. Our aim is to provide our guests with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences. Explore the unique blend of traditional elegance and modern comfort in our lovingly designed establishment. Our dedicated team is always available to ensure you feel at home during your stay. Delve deeper into our family history in the following section.

Frontansicht vom modernisierten Hotel Brasserie Chaussee, vor dem Gebäude stehen 3 Tische mit je 2 Stühlen und ein Werbe-Aufsteller.

Dear guests, allow us to briefly introduce our Chaussee family, now the Schneider family:

Our origin shapes our passion for good food and drinks. This country trail is the mirror of our menu. The gastronomic successes of our ancestors motivated us to fulfill our dream.

In the 18th century, our family followed the call of the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria-Theresia, moved from Alsace to Syrmia with the great Swabian campaign and became so-called Danube Swabians. In 1944 the Danube Swabians were expelled from there by partisans. An intermediate stop was Weißenfels an der Saale in Saxony-Anhalt before our extended family reunited in Schifferstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate in 1956. In 1972 we went on to Krautheim an der Jagst/Hohenlohe, Baden-Württemberg.

In 1980, Andreas Schneider fell in love while driving through Seeheim-Jugenheim an der Bergstraße (literally “mountain street”), Hesse
and for him it was clear: “I want to stay in this beautiful area.”

The building of the Hotel Brasserie Chaussee was built in 1958 by the Schüssler family as a butcher’s shop. In 2017 we, the Schneider family, started to transform this building into a jewel. In 2021 the time had finally come: Our Hotel Brasserie Chaussee opens for you as a guest who loves something special.

Let yourself be pampered in our house. We are happy to respond to your wishes and suggestions.

A photo of the building from the 1960's, seen from the street
A photo of the building from the 1960's, seen from the street
A photo of the backyard (former slaughterhouse, today's kitchen) from the 1960's
A photo of the backyard (former slaughterhouse, today's kitchen) from the 1960's

The Details Make the Difference

Welcome to Hotel Brasserie Chaussee, where every detail tells its own story and every corner is filled with unique flair.

Our hotel rooms blend tradition and modernity harmoniously. Plush carpets invite you to walk barefoot, while bedside power outlets ensure your convenience. Original desks made from antique shutters add a special touch to some rooms, and the bookshelf in the attic invites you to browse in comfort.

In our brasserie, lovingly selected details await you, such as antique furniture, fresh flowers, and quirky coffee grinders that also serve as business card holders. Floor lamps bathe the room in warm light, while vintage radios serve as charming speakers.

In the idyllic brasserie garden, you can enjoy peace and quiet under the cozy canopy. A highlight is the amusing tuba, and cushions and blankets provide comfort. Don’t forget to try our delicious breakfast or tempting cake to fully enjoy your stay with us.

Discover Hotel Brasserie Chaussee and be captivated by a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity. We look forward to welcoming you!

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